Girl Power Alliance FAQ’s

Membership FAQ

Q: Will new content be added to the membership? 

A: Yes, the membership will evolve with new and relevant content and topics 

Q: How can I sign up for  the Radiant Leadership Academy? 

A: Enroll as a VIP member for unlimited access 

Q: How do I cancel my membership? 

A: Cancel anytime by logging into your membership to cancel or email 

Q: What is peer to peer marketing? 

A: Peer to peer marketing is a marketing referral system that encourages members to engage others by promoting a product or service to friends. 

Q: What is the difference between a member and an ambassador?

A: Ambassadors are members that have opted in to our peer to peer marketing platform to further the GPA mission of helping women grow 

Q: Do I have to be good at selling to share GPA with others? 

A: No, at GPA we believe the power of your personal testimony is all you will ever need

Q: Are you profiting off of God’s Word? 

A: No, we are a membership for Christ-centered personal and professional development and just happen to LOVE Jesus! 

Q: What are the GPA membership options? 

A: We offer a Basic membership, which includes all of our on-demand modules and two live calls per month. We also offer a VIP membership option, which includes everything from the Basic membership plus unlimited access to the Radiant Leadership Academy and additional high-level modules focused on leadership development and a monthly leadership mastermind call. 

Q: What is the difference between the Basic & VIP membership?

A: The Basic has 100+ modules and two 60 minute live calls each month. The VIP membership has 120+ modules, three 60 minute live calls each month and you will have access to take the Radiant Leadership Academy as many times as you want as an active VIP member.

Q: What does it take to become a part of the GPA Ambassador program? 

A: Any member, Basic or VIP, can participate in the ambassador program by opting in through their back office and paying the $47 USD annual fee. 

Q: How do I upgrade to the VIP membership? 

A: Log into the back office and click “upgrade” You will be charged $399 USD one-time and 30 days later your monthly charge of $149.99 USD will begin.

Q: Can I downgrade my VIP membership to a Basic Membership?

A: Yes you can downgrade at anytime by emailing customer support 

Q: Can someone sign up and later on upgrade to ambassador? 

A: Yes. Login to your back office and click “Become an Ambassador” to pay the annual fee. 

Q: Will RLA be available for non-members? 

A: Yes, $3,500 USD. Only access to RLA.

Q: Is my membership a business write off? 

A: Yes, it’s 100% a write off for taxes. 

Q: How do I access my membership resources?

A: Use your member ID and password once you click MEMBER LOGIN at the top of the Girl Power Alliance website

Comp Plan FAQ

Q: How many ways are there to get paid? 

A: Five ways to get paid. Instant Enrollment Bonus, Member Bonus Pool, Tier Advancement Bonus, Leadership Bonus, and Ambassador Network Bonus 

Q: What is the investment to get started as an Ambassador? 

A: If you choose to become an Ambassador at the Basic Membership Level, you will pay $79.99 + $47.00 (Total – $126.99) to start and $79.99 every 30 days. If you select the VIP Membership you’ll pay $399.99 +$47 (Total – $446.00) to start and $149.99 every 30 days. The $47 annual fee covers all of the back office admin and your replicated website. This fee will occur once annually on your enrollment anniversary. 

Q: If I cancel my membership, can I still earn Ambassador Rewards? 

A: We wholeheartedly believe that our happiest members make the best Ambassadors, it is for that reason, that in order to participate in the Ambassador Rewards you must be an active member. 

Q. Do I earn on Members who do not want to participate in the Ambassador rewards? 

A. Yes, any member you personally enroll that does not participate in the Ambassador Rewards, goes into your Member Bonus Pool. You can earn between 10% – 25% on every member in your member pool. Your personally enrolled members go into your member pool, your personally enrolled Ambassadors are included in the Ambassador Network Bonus.

Q: What is the monthly Personal Points Requirement? 

A: The Requirement is from 79 points to 350 points. Your Personal Points include your own membership and any members you have personally enrolled. As you make your way to new Tiers and Titles, your PP will increase. (CHANGE THIS IN COMP PLAN GRID TOO)

 Q: How can I get my membership for free? 

A: As you continue to enroll new members, your commissions will increase. (Example: If you have a basic membership, when you personally enroll 7 new members with the basic membership your commission will be large enough to pay for your membership. 

Q: When do we get paid? 

A: The Instant Enrollment Bonus is paid weekly, one week in arrears on Mondays. The Tier Advancement Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Member Pool Bonus, and Ambassador Network Bonus are all paid once a month. Monthly Commissions are paid on the 15th 

Q: As an Ambassador, does the membership I choose impact what commissions I am eligible for? 

A: No. As an Ambassador, you have the same potential commissions available to you. 

Q. What is the difference between a Member and an Ambassador? 

A. A member is anyone that is not participating in the Ambassador Rewards, an Ambassador has chosen to pay the $47 annual fee and participate in the Ambassador Rewards program

Q How do I access my earnings in the back office? 

A: Log into your ambassador back office – click business – click commissions – eWallet login Create your account to start receiving money. For more additional questions, email at