Girl Power Alliance Ambassador Resource Center

This is the Resource Page for all of our Girl Power Alliance Ambassadors. Here, you’ll find everything you need to be successful in the business, including Social Media tips, Video Content guidance and more.

Any Questions please email:

Ambassador Resources

Invitation Scripts/Content & How to Edify a Speaker

Learn how to Invite Women to Opp Call, 3-Way Calls and learn how to Edify your Host.

Corporate Ambassador Training Videos

Start here and watch Corp Videos and how GPA is doing a NEW Thing.

Social Media Content

Find all of the Social Media Content needed to share and promote your business.

GPA Compensation, How to Grow You Team & How to Follow Up

The main focus is all about building relationships and understanding how to grow your team. 

#ONETEAM Ambassador Team

We are all #ONETEAM – Join every month on Wednesday evening for an hour of value and business growth!

Engage - Promote - Repeat

Girl Power Alliance Ambassador System

1. Welcome them to your team chat
2. Refer them back to their welcome email with links etc…
3. Make sure they have access to the free ATM prospecting and member community:

4. Make sure they are in the Ambassador Fb group:

5. Ask them about their goals and what they would like to earn or accomplish with GPA and connect them to a leader or help them with a simple game plan-Refer 7 and yours is Free

6. Learn+Earn: Encourage them to start the Entrepreneur Academy training