Creating On-Camera Confidence

Inside of the Creating Confidence On-Camera course, you will dive into three key aspects that will set you apart from the billions of people online.

First, we will challenge your mindset in how you are showing/not showing up for yourself

Second, we will dive into the meat and potatoes of how to build a credible brand.

Lastly, we create action steps together to make sure you are taking full advantage of what’s available for you to grow your business through daily video content.

Oh, wait! I do have a bonus gift at the end for those who don’t want to stop there and want to go ALL the way!

How to kick out the imposter syndrome
 How to build a strong authority right where you are.
Action steps to implement what you are learning immediately. 

Creator of this Course: Molly Trotter-Gomez

Co-Founder, Director of Field Development for Girl Power Alliance