Entrusted with Her Finances

Creator of this Course

Stephanie Sims

Stephanie Sims has been married for over 10 years and they have 4 little boys + one on the way and are foster parents.

She is a special education teacher by trade but has stepped away from the classroom to pursue my business, Legacy through Motherhood.  

The heartbeat of her business is generational change.  She helps women, specifically, moms, become the inflection point in their family.  

She speaks on 5 main topics: Faith, Finances, Health, Marriage, and Mindset.  Her favorite topic to talk about is finances.  

About 4 years ago her husband and she had a negative net worth.  Now, they have half a million and growing.

She loves to help other women figure out their budget’s through 1:1 coaching and also coach on the topic of money mindset through my signature course, “Entrusted: With her Finances.”  

What is Entrusted With Her Finances:

Learn the Biblical principles to steward your money. Rid yourselves of debt. Grow your net worth and build a legacy of wealth for your family