Mastering Online Events

Have you ever wanted to host an Online Event? We know that the online space is all the craze right now and a lot of people feel more comfortable of doing an event from the comfort of their homes!

This course will give you the tools and tips to hosting your Online Event the same way if you were to host this in-person!

Creator of this Course: Dani Goeppert

Hey! I am Dani -a simple Canadian living in Austria with my German hubby and five crazy kiddos. Did I mention that like to have fun, be a little silly and enjoy God's delicious creation? Women often have the tendency to put themselves last. As a mama of five with an online business I know that the struggle and juggle is real! But God has called women, just like you, with your unique story, gifting's and abilities to IMPACT outside of your own four walls. That is why I have made it my mission to help women with a message - coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, and course creators create profitable, impact-filled businesses, and SHINE on virtual stages.