Relationship with God & Self

Relationship with God and Self gives insight into what it means to have a relationship with God. In order, to know who you are in him can only be done through him. It begins by teaching about what a relationship with God is and how to connect with him. Many think they are in a relationship with him, but he is just an acquaintance.

They only know about him from what they have read, not through actual communion with him. The second lesson dives into the importance of journaling and how to journal with God. It is so important to be in communication through him and it explains how journaling helps you to speak with him, instead of to him.

The third lesson is a powerful lesson on finding who you are in God. Using God’s words, it takes the listener into the heart of God, so they can find his truth about who they are. The final lesson dives into God’s love and how to search for it and find it.

How to get in a relationship with God
How to journal with God
How to love themselves in the way God loves them

Creator of this Course: Laurie Herbers

Empowerment Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, and Founder & CEO of Soul Love Legacy.