Target Market Lab

Defining your Target Market is a critical part of the foundation of your business. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if it doesn’t land at the right time and place and on the right ears for your customer, you’ll never be able to sell it and help the people you’re trying to help. That’s why being crystal clear on your target market and ideal customer is so important.

In the Target Market Lab, we’ll walk you through the simple step-by-step process of finally understanding who you should target your marketing messages towards to increase your likelihood of conversions. You’ll also gain the confidence to focus on the specific audience that will become your best clients and get the tools to help you start creating the messaging and offers to attract them to your business.

Your target market and audience defined so that you’ll know specifically who to create products/services, offers, and marketing messages for
Your own custom framework to make sure you attract the RIGHT clients and repel the ones you don’t want to work with
The #1 brand message that will ensure that your dream customers “get” exactly why they need you… and finally, give you a clear answer for the question “What do you do?”

Creator of this Course: Nikki Bradley

Business coach, Brand strategist, and Speaker who has been recognized for Thought Leadership by Accenture.