Power Partners

Power Partners with Girl Power Alliance is all about building strong connections with service-based businesses that would be able to support our Girl Power Alliance community of women that
need support in life, relationships, business and more!

All Power Partners are also Members inside the Girl Power Alliance Membership. If you would like to become a Power Partner please email: support@girlpoweralliance.com


Our Partners

Samantha Semans

Social Media Expert & Ads

Ten10 Social is offering Girl Power Alliance members a 10% discount on and of the done-for-you services of Instagram management, Instagram Strategy, and Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Samantha Semans is the Founder of Ten10Social, a premiere Social Media Agency that works with heart-centered entrepreneurs to scale their brand online. A California native, Sam now lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and four children that she homeschools. She also has a heart for Jesus and sharing His love with others. In 2021, she launched The Abundant Woman Collective, a community for women who love Jesus, need community, and crave biblical truth. She loves sharing biblical messages for all women and to cut through the noise of the world. When she’s not behind her computer putting her heart and soul into the mission of Ten10Social and The Abundant Woman Co, she can be found volunteering at church, enjoying possibly too many cups of coffee, spending time with her family, and building a supportive community of entrepreneurs in her local area!

Aly Porter

Christian Connector Concierge

Get your business FEATURED & SHARE what you offer!  
GPA members ONLY – you get 3 Months FREE to my Christian Women’s Business Directory PLUS… the opportunity to SPEAK at my Christian Women’s networking event!  You get to share all about what you do and how you serve!

My name is Aly Porter, and I am a wife, mom to 3 girls and 1 boy and I am also your Christian Connector Concierge!I Connect Christian Women Entrepreneurs with Proven Resources, Tools, People & Opportunities to Enhance their Life, Build their Kingdom Business and Create Millionaire Momentum all while keeping God as your CEO! I am also an author, podcaster, and lover of God, my family, and my faith. I have been in business for 14 years and during that time I did everything from e-commerce, to a digital marketing agency & a virtual assistant agency…working with over 30 contractors and million-dollar clients, to network marketing, affiliate marketing, coaching, and consulting and everything in between. And what I found was…none of that truly gave me fulfillment. As I prayed to God for what to do next, I found that I had a superpower…I am really good at connecting people. I can see where there are gaps and how I can make connections that make people’s lives and businesses better! But what was even more amazing is when I finally was able to see that I am also here to connect people to Christ & our Heavenly Father. And that is when I became the Christian Connector Concierge!

Kelley Tyan

Master Transformation Coach

Receive 15% off my Reset Your Metabolism 8-week program.  Use Code: RESETYOU15
Dive into various eating methods to get your body into fat-burning mode, while eating God-made foods! This is a structured weekly program with full workouts, video lessons on all things nutrition, mindset, habits, and weight loss, plus lots of recipes for success. Here is the link to the program: https://www.kelleytyan.com/fitness-programs

Kelley Tyan is a master transformation coach for women in faith, fitness, and mindset. She is a 4X national bikini champion, breast cancer survivor, podcast host of her show Addicted To The Climb, author of her book also called Addicted To The Climb, and proud wife and mother of her 2 children. Kelley has been blessed to be featured on ABC, Natural Muscle Magazine, Oxygen, and many other local publications for her work of empowering and inspiring women to live healthy and fit lives. Kelley’s passion to transform one woman’s life a day has been ongoing from the start. She believes that having a strong faith can lead to a strong mind and body. She also knows that success lies in numbers and being part of a strong community can be the key. Kelley is continuously committed to empowering women through her accountability coaching programs and her greatest advice is to never stop climbing, because every climb you take, will make you stronger for the next one.

Brigett Kash

Mindset Coach

Get $50 off with discount code GPA50 https://www.bodybybrigett.com/course

Hi, I’m, Brigett, and I’m going to take you on a 4-week journey into a new way of thinking—and being—where you will learn how to upgrade your mindset and take charge of your life in exciting ways.
Listen, I know what it’s like to have the negative thoughts running through my head and trying to shake off the negative energy!  I also know how good it feels to have newfound freedom with an upgraded mindset and the power that comes from positive thinking! You will be amazed at how much more fun and freedom you experience when you can shake off old beliefs and agreements that have been holding you back.

In this course, I will share with you all the tips and strategies that I have learned over the years of coaching others.  Plus the tools I have developed for myself through achieving a Masters’s degree and training certificates. You’ll finally be free to live your most abundant, energetic, and present life!


Ready to create the best version of yourself? In this purposeful powerful mindset program, you’ll learn how to elevate your beliefs and energy so you can step into your brightest future with confidence, purpose, and a newfound love for yourself. 

Isatel Dutra

MASSive Business Growth Strategist and Coach

Automate your Facebook messenger marketing, sales funnel and email marketing systems all within one affordable product! Get 10% off all software and services when you are a Girl Power Alliance Member! ALSO get free copy of my favorite Facebook lead automation and management Chrome Extension app! 

Isatel Dutra is a MASSive Business Growth Strategist and Coach based in Pasadena, CA. Her MASSive Business Growth Method stands for Mindset, Automation, Social Media Optimization, and Systems – the 4 keys to business success that Isatel helps her clients master to be able to have more dream client leads. more sales, get much more of their time and energy back and put the FUN back into their FUNDs. Isatel provides elite-level automated lead generation software, done for you funnel and automation system setup, and done with your coaching and support with her 90-Day Accelerator Signature Program.

Suzanne Vester

Biblical Naturopath Coach

“Where to Start, How to Start” Session – Dream, Cast Vision, and Set a Strategic Course for Success in the areas of Well-Being, Health, and Stewarding our Body’s as a Temple through Biblical Naturopathic Principles. Visit me online to learn more about me and my approach at www.suzannevester.com). (No code required) This session is 90-minutes and the link is exclusively for GPA members. Book your session today at https://calendly.com/suzannevester/where-to-start-how-to-start

Hey there! My name is Suzanne. I am a steadfast anchor living in purpose and on purpose serving wherever my feet are. My husband, Chris, and I have three daughters and an American Bully named Blu. I have worn many hats over my professional career from Mental Health Counselor to Integrative Nutrition Coach to Naturopath. It’s this last hat, Naturopath, that I am most at home in. Holistic approaches to your health and well-being not only give a full spectrum image of what in your life needs to be addressed, but they are also essential for you to live fully in health and wellness while honoring your body. I learned this through both study and my own personal health experiences while working out why I felt so tired, unmotivated, and just out of sorts. Becoming a Naturopath was driven by my own need to step fully outside of our medical system which only offered options to lessen symptoms and step into the root cause discovery and on to foundational solutions. Our bodies were divinely created to thrive. As a Naturopath, I operate in a separate and distinct healing art, which uses noninvasive natural medicine.

Lisa Vanderkwaak

Communication Expert and Transformation Catalyst

GPA members receive a 80% discount 
LINK FOR GPA members only www.profitablespeakersystem.com/gpa

Lisa Vanderkwaak (aka: Lisa V.) is often referred to as a Communication Expert, and Transformation Catalyst because of her ability to communicate in such a way that creates shifts in people’s mindsets and empowers audiences to move forward with increased confidence, clarity and impact.

Having strong communication skills is no longer considered just “nice-to have” but rather is now an Essential and Valuable Asset, especially for those aspiring to higher levels of influence and income.

With over 25 years experience, combined with her educational background as a Speech-Language Pathologist (MSc.) and with certifications as an Executive Life & Speaking Coach, Lisa specializes in working with highly motivated Christian women who want to expand their income capacity and sharpen their communication skills so they can impact more lives and advance their Kingdom with their gifts.

You may be like Lisa, and one time disqualified yourself as a speaker believing you don’t have enough talent, you’re not an extrovert, or that you’ve lost your voice & don’t know how to get it back.

Lisa’s story below will inspire you. God took her from being terrified to speak to now training women to speak…..to go beyond just giving information to evoking transformation in the hearts and minds of listeners. She now shares her Speak to Transform Method™ of communication to help other Kingdom Women short cut their journey to success and leverage their unique story to multiply their impact and income .

Lemon Price

Marketing Strategist

Get access to Lemon’s 8-figure marketing training geared specifically for GPA Ambassadors. Gain access to weekly trending audio, social media planners and more! https://www.pricelesslyimperfect.com/gpatraining

Lemon Price is a corporate marketing dropout turned faith-focused mentor. Lemon climbed the corporate rank and was the Chief Marketing Officer of a FinTech company at just 26. She took that company from the red to 8-figures of sales in just 10 months. She then started her own marketing agency and served clients all across the globe and helped them have six-figure launches. Now, she serves Christian women through marketplace ministry. She teaches courses focused on Apologetics and Theology while still serving Christian entrepreneurs with their marketing efforts.

Brandie Thomas

Purpose Coach

Done with You or Done For You Systems Management. You choose what we focus on and I help you accomplish it (either with your or for you)
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Creation/Maintenance
  • Course/Affiliate Creation
  • Sales Funnel Strategy & Implementation
  • Canva Templates
  • Branding Strategy
  • Landing Pages
  • Podcast editing
  • Podcast Funnel Scheduling
  • Management Social Media
  • Automation CRM Management
  • Data Entry
  • Done for You – $1,100 for your first month and $1,500/month for continued support
  • Done With You – for your first month $750/month and $997/month for continued support
  • Ala Carte $100/hour

Brandie is a wife, boy mom, and multi-passionate entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience.

She is Co-Founder of Victorious Entrepreneurs Rising along with her sister, Natalie Lawson.

She is co-author of the Elevation of the Femalepreneur as well as creator and co-author of the “Rise to Your Purpose” Devotional, Podcast, and Signature Program.

She has a successful background in IT and Marketing, Masters in Business Administration, and serves as a Purpose Coach for Christian Women. Her heart is to help the mission driven women build a profitable online business that creates Kingdom impact while operating in rest.

She believes that by helping women organize and streamline their systems, that your online business will thrive and do more of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your field of favor where God has called you to rise to your purpose!

Charissa Quade

Biblical Money Mindset Coach

Becoming a Legacy Builder Method – 15% Discount – The #1 Scripture-based money mindset coaching program for Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs. The 12 week program takes you step by step through the simple 4 part process of creating a Biblical Money Mindset, the greatest asset in your business. At the end of the program, you won’t be struggling with all those chains of money fear + doubt in your mind any longer, instead you’ll discover God’s key to money. You will have the key to open the door to more confidence in your business, serving multitudes of grateful clients and cultivating godly wealth so you can create a massive legacy that reflects God’s goodness.

Charissa Quade, a Biblical Money Mindset Coach and Speaker from Multiply Your Legacy. She empowers Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs to overcome beliefs that making money is bad, wealth is evil and sales are slimy, and develop the greatest asset in their business, a Biblical Money Mindset.

By leveraging what the Bible actually says about money and business, Charissa is on a mission to teach 100,000 Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs the powerful steps for overcoming the battlefield in their minds, so they can confidently serve multitudes of grateful clients and multiply their legacy in ways that reflect God’s generosity.

Christina Vanacore

Business Operations Consultant & Strategist

Agape Professional is offering Girl Power Alliance members a 10% discount on any Strategic Planning, Launching or Consulting service.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed with launching, managing or growing your business, if you’re ready to set goals that align with your Vision & Purpose and with actionable tasks or if you’re just ready to take your business from chaos to clarity – let’s chat!

Christina is a Business Operations Consultant and Strategist and owner of Agape Professional.  After going through 5 years of infertility to have her miracle baby, she felt a pull on her heart that it was time to leave corporate America and start doing business her way.  

Guided by her strong faith and core values, she helps entrepreneurs take their business from chaos to clarity through strategic planning and organization. With almost two decades of experience in the business world, she helps business owners gain complete organizational clarity, and helps set goals with action plans that align with their vision.